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Philippine Civil Service Examination or also known as Career Service Exam.

It’s finally here! The best Civil Service exam review in the Philippines and it’s free! We also included tips and explanations to topics/subjects covering the exam. The following topics are outlined below for your reference and assist what you need to review:

– English Grammar and Correct Usage Test

– English Vocabulary Questions

– Correct Spelling and Idiomatic Expressions with Meanings and Examples

– Analogy and Logic Test

– Reading Comprehension Test, Exercises, and Strategies Paragraph Organization Test Questions Civil Service Numerical Reasoning

– Clerical Operations

Course Curriculum

Civil Service Examination
CSE English Grammar and Correct Usage 00:10:00
CSE English Vocabulary 00:10:00
CSE Idiomatic Expressions 00:10:00
CSE Analogy and Logic 00:10:00
CSE Reading Comprehension 00:30:00
CSE Paragraph Organization 00:15:00
CSE Numerical Reasoning 00:20:00
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