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Wizrev is committed to providing a highly flexible and convenient way for continuous education and self-directed learning through online courses through our online e-learning mall. It is aimed at professional adults and students. Unlike the academic institutions’ open online course programs which are driven by collegiate coursework, Wizrev uses content from online content contributors to sell for profit. Like an online e-learning mall, Wizrev provides tools which enable users, review centers, trainers, accredited training providers to create a course, promote it and earn money from it.

Whether e-learning from home, in the workplace, or on the go, Wizrev online e-learning mall is very accessible. Wizrev main goal is to provide the leading edge in the online e-learning mall in the Philippines to encompass the geographical as well as other challenges.

Wizrev’s online courses help deliver the leading edge in knowledge, understanding, and retention. Wizrev’s online system can generate dynamic learning communities; students have the opportunity to interact with each other, the instructors, and the course material.


Wizrev shall be recognized as a leader in the online e-learning mall offering content contributors’ online courses utilizing innovative instructional technologies that facilitate the next generation of teaching and learning.


Wizrev’s mission is to provide online e-learning mall to our clients. Wizrev’s online e-learning mall is dedicated to providing users, review centers, trainers, accredited training providers the online system for e-learning and therefore enhancing student success and supporting instructors who contribute to teaching excellence through exemplary course design, effective application, integration of instructional technologies, and the deployment of innovative emerging technologies.

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